Coastal Battery

Newport Beach,
Long Beach,
& Huntington Beach
Marine Battery Supplier
Located in Orange County California.

Yacht Gallery

Photos of some of the yachts, speedboats, and other `Craft` we have delivered batteries to. If you want your baby's photo to live here, just tell us. Click here for the contact form now. We'll give you our email so you can send us a few jpgs, at least 1024*768. Once we have the data we will get your photos in front of the decision committee. The committee meets every 60-90 days to discuss which craft are posted. Once received, generally we try to post nice boats, and love to see a photo of Lifeline, Crown, or Optima battery in the hull.

Legally: No guarantees any submission will be posted. All submissions may be removed at any time for any reason. All submissions become the property of Coastal Battery, it's owners, and the Manufacturer of the battery photographed.
Click here to inquire about submitting your photos

Local Delivery June 2012 1/2
Local Delivery June 2012 1/2

Local Delivery June 2012 2/2
Local Delivery June 2012 2/2

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