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Coastal Battery - High Quality Marine Batteries
We Deliver to your dock, port, marina, or landing in the Newport Beach and Huntington Beach communities.

Coastal Battery delivers fresh batteries dock side, recovers spent marine batteries, and recycles them to strict California and EPA standards. Coastal Battery provides Marine Batteries to southern California marinas and mariners with our extended service area covering much of the Los Angeles metroplex. Coastal Battery is conveniently located, stocked, and staffed to handle your beachfront delivery, core removal, and battery disposal needs in Southern California. Coastal Battery is located within a few minutes of all Newport Beach and Huntington Beach Marina Communities, and we are familiar with local laws and regulations. Let us use our expertise to help you with the marine battery replacement required to get you back on the water. We only carry the highest quality marine battery equipment available, and stand behind what we sell.
Coastal Battery Delivery and Dock Side Service Area Map. yachts and boats with coastal battery marine batteries on board

Batteries and Products at Coastal Battery

Deep Cycle AGM Marine Batteries
Deep Cycle AGM Marine Batteries
Engine Starting AGM Marine Batteries
Engine Starting AGM Marine Batteries
Battery Chargers, and AC-DC Inverters
Battery AC-DC Power Inverters
Flooded Marine Batteries
Flooded Marine Batteries
Battery Chargers
Battery Chargers
Premade Wires, Battery Cables, & Custom Built Battery Cables
Wires, Battery Cables,
& Custom Battery Cables

Bulk Battery Orders and Distribution

Sell Batteries from Our Warehouse Inventory Every customer appreciates fresh batteries, but having them readily available at your dock or marina can be a challenge. Coastal Battery is here to help supply your battery needs, be it one a day, one a week, or 40 tomorrow. Our personal customer service staff will be happy to assist you with your particular needs. Click here to contact us about supplying your marina, or personal fleet with batteries from our inventory, delivered in under 8 business hours to local Southern California Marinas.

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